Furniture polish

Use this on wooden furniture. The polish accentuates the beauty of the wood; it also nourishes it and prevents it from drying out.

4 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons strained fresh lemon juice

  1. Combine the ingredients in a glass jar.
  2. To use, apply to furniture by rubbing it in with a clean, dry cloth.


Lemon juice has antibacterial properties so excels as a natural disinfectant which is safe to use around the whole family,

Water cleanser

Add a squeeze of lemon juice to disinfect drinking water that you think might be contaminated with bacteria.

Antibacterial surface cleaner

Use lemon essential oil to clean kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces that are likely to be contaminated with bacteria. Several of its constituents, including limonene, have antibacterial properties.

Chopping board rinse

Disinfect kitchen chopping boards with lemon juice, as it contains citric and other acids, and bacteria dislike an acidic environment.

Stain removal

The acidity in lemon juice makes it a natural bleach, and as such it can be used to remove unsightly stains from clothing, upholstery, surfaces and even the skin.

Remove cooking stains

If your hands are stained (for example, after peeling onions), rub them with lemon juice to remove the stains.

Clean sweat patches

To remove sweat stains from clothes, scrub gently with half and half lemon juice and water.

Boost washing-machine hot wash

For stains on fabrics that can be washed in hot water, pour 240ml/8fl oz/1 cup of lemon juice into the washing machine during the wash cycle.

Bleach out rust or mildew

To remove rust spots or mildew stains on washable clothing, sprinkle the area generously with salt, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over it. Leave the item for several hours, ideally in direct sunlight. Keep the stain moist by applying more lemon juice as necessary. Brush off the salt and then launder as usual. (Be warned – putting household bleach on rust spots will set the stain.)

Fade fruit stains

Sprinkle lemon juice over berry stains on clothing or other fabric, to help them fade.

Refresh plastic containers

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) with a few drops of fresh lemon juice to form a paste, then rub this over stains on plastic food- storage containers.

Shower cleaner

Remove the stains left by hard water on glass shower doors or partitions by rubbing with half a lemon.

Clean worktops

Leave fresh lemon juice for 45 minutes on stains on Formica worktops. Then sprinkle with baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), scrub gently and rinse.

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